Dvd playback trouble

I am Roky. I am recently having some problem with my dvd playback on my computer. Some of my dvds that used to play fine are not playing now. My configuration is as follows -

  1. dvd drive - asus e616a2
  2. operating system - windows xp
  3. dvd player - power dvd, windows media player
    Before solving a problem, the most important thing is to find out the cause of the problem, which I could not do yet.
    1.Say, the problem is with my software. But recently I bought a new hard drive, freshly installed xp, and power dvd. and above all, other dvds would play just fine.
  4. Say, the problem is with my hardware, i.e, the dvd drive. But then again, why the other dvds play? Also the same dvds would play on the same system only some days before.
    3.Is it a virus? I thoroughly scanned the whole system with the latest version of norton antivirus. The system is clean.
  5. The dvds that won’t play on my system would play on some one else’s machine just fine. So, the dvds themselves are error free.
    When I try to play these dvds, the powerdvd screen shows ‘load’, gets a little bigger, and then gets the previous size, and shows ‘stop’. In windows media player, it says ‘playlist’, and then ‘playing menu’ alternately in a loop.
    If I try to play a single file, the progress bar on power dvd goes on, the time shows on, the screen remains black.
    Can someone help?
    I will remain ever greatful.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Most of times playback problems are due to a low quality disc. The main feature of low quality discs is that they become unreadable after a short time.

The real way to check if a disc is really “error free” is not playing it on a different drive, but running a quality disc test vith a proper software (and a burner able to support this feature of course) like CD-DVD Speed. In fact, different drives have different reading capabilities (some drives are exceptionally good in reading damaged discs, whereas others are barely able to read also brand new discs).

So what discs do you use exactly? Can you post here brand and mediacode? The mediacode can be retrieved with a (free) software like DVD Identifier :slight_smile:

Dear Sir,
I am sorry I don’t know the brand of my faulty dvds.You know, I just buy them from stores, printed and sealed.
I am trying to acquire the softwares you suggested, i.e, DVD Identifier and CD DVD Speed.
I will let you know the media code as soon as I get it.
Lots and lots of thanks for your helpl.
I am grateful.
Thank you again.
One more thing, I am trying some region and css free softwares.
Yours sincerely,

ooops sorry probably I misunderstood your question :o

I thought that your problem was with burned discs, not with brand new pressed discs :doh:

Sorry for mistake :flower:

With pressed discs the cause of playback errors usually are two: a bad pressed disc (i.e. a disc that is damaged because of a production error) or a drive picky or in the verge of becoming damaged.

Another cause could be a dirty optical on the drive. The use af a proper lens cleaning kit usually solve :slight_smile:

Sorry again for the mistake :o

Dear Sir,
No need to be sorry.
Your reply came to be of great help.
I have downloaded DVD Identifier, and CD-DVD Speed. The software CD-DVD Speed is wonderful. Without your reply I would never have known about it.
And you are right, the problem lies with my DVD drive, I suspect.
Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
— Roky —

You’re welcome :slight_smile: