DVD playback trouble

Can anyone help i have just burnt a .avi file to DVD and watching it on my pc was fine but now i play it back on my dvd player it plays really jerky im new to all this so if anyone could help please!

We need a lot of info on this!

Your programs
size of file

hi, its an avi file 699mb audio mpeg layer 3, 23frames/sec, 143 kbps data rate, sample size 24bit, compression - xvid. used a program called intervideo windvd, just followed the steps in windvd and created a standard dvd in pal.

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Can you explain better this “plays really jerky”? Do you mean that playback is stuttered or that, for example, converted video is with wrong ratio (i.e. a 4:3 instead of a 16:9)?

Whatever you used to encode probably hiccuped on the conversion from 24fps NTSCFilm to 25fps PAL. I don’t do this kind of thing ever, but maybe someone can suggest software that can handle a framerate change properly. (TMPGEnc, maybe?)