DVD Playback stuttery on some DVDs

I’m having a very strange problem with some DVDs I recently bought. The playback of them intermittently catches, pausing for a small amount of time before continuing playback. The DVDs in question are a TV series - imported from abroad, but still region 2. Some of them play perfectly, but about half suffer from the issue. Furthermore, the problem worsens from episode to episode - almost no stuttering occurrs in the first, while by the final episode it is so frequent and the pause so lengthy as to make the DVD unwatchable. As I said, it occurrs only on these imports, and then only on some of the DVDs, so it can’t be a blanketing problem such as too little memory. I’ve checked the DVDs for scratches but can see none. Does anybody have any bright ideas? Try as I might, I’ve completely failed to figure out any solution! :frowning:

Usually this happens with poor quality “backups” of episodic DVDs - i.e. you ripped off a TV series using DVD copying software, and because you burnt the DVDs in a crap burner or on crap media the result came out bad.

DVD XCopy was a culprit too, because it couldn’t handle these things very well - in fact at one time nothing could.

Modern DVD Copying software and a decent burner will fix your “backup” problem.

My own experience with this came with the Monk tv series, as well as Red Dwarf from the UK.

The first episodes play fine, but sometimes as soon as halfway through the disk things start to go badly.

I found that even if I recorded just two episodes to one disk, the second episode on each disk still had this problem.

Finally I changed my DVD burner to a Plextor drive - expensive but worth it - and since then have had no problems at all.

I don’t mean to imply you’ve been copying DVDs, but quite frankly only home grown DVDs suffer from this - so maybe the person who sold you the DVDs was the culprit.

You could try re-copying them to see if they simply have errors on the disks or if there’s some sort of incompatibility problem with your standalone player. My guess is though, that the disks are bad because the software used couldn’t handle the layer break on the originals.

Sorry if I’m totally wrong, but it’s vary rare for a commercial, standalone DVD player to fail because of the second layer - usually only copied DVDs cause this problem.

Just want to confirm that the issues with the DVD’s are with the originals.
Do they skip on both your PC and on your stand alone player.
Lastly, are they pressed DVD’s or are these copies you bought.

When I received the DVDs they were packaged differently from how they are in the UK - I assumed it was because they were imports, but now I come to think of it they probably are copies. The packaging looks professional, but still like it could have been home done. Damn you eBay!

In response to itzbinnice, they only play faulty on my PC DVD drive - on my standalone player, though, the ends of some episodes are skipped for no discernable reason. The DVDs were purchased off eBay - I assumed they were pressed but it’s entirely possible that they are copies.

Anyway, thanks for the advice guys. The best solution would probably be to buy them new, instead of used, but if anyone has any more suggestions it would be nice to hear them. :slight_smile:

I hope a lesson was learned here, often buying cheap turns out more expensive in the long run. I’m sure there are some good DVD deals on Ebay, but I’m not a gambling man so i wouldn’t take the risk.

why not try to see if you can copy ( using shrink, DVD decrypeter, whatever ) ?
Even though they may be poorely burned - provided you can rip the data and then re-write to a quality DVD you may find should have no problem.

you might want to try using http://www.dvdisaster.com/