Dvd playback stutters



hi, i just upgraded my setup because i was having trouble burning dvds and i assumed it had to do with a lack of system resources. i’ve been using a program called super dvd creator and i have been able to churn out some dvds with it, while others seem to have a problem with, for lack of a better word, stuttering. every few minutes the movie will pause momentarily, then continue to play in a normal fashion until the process repeats. this happens over and over on some movies, whereas others have a flawless playback. is this issue somehow codec related? from what i gather, it doesn’t seem to be the dvds being used, nor the overall time of the movies. i haven’t been able to find much help online, but i really can’t say that i know exactly what to call this problem.

any help would be greatly appreciated; even just a general push in the right direction. :slight_smile:


Burn at 4x with quality Made in Japan media. Set the booktype to DVD-ROM if possible.


Yes, definately sounds like it’s media related.


thanks for the help. any recomendations on good disc brands?


Make sure you defrag your HD every time before you burn. Also a reboot is a good idea to start burning with a clean memory.
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Fuji DVD+R 8x at Best Buy. Look for MADE IN JAPAN near the bar code. DO NOT buy Made in Taiwan Fuji.


I’m a new guy around here but I have a lot of experiance with dvd burning so here’s my .02

What you use for blank media makes all the difference in the world when burning movies. Most of the “name brand” discs are crap for movies and Memorex is the absolute worse, I won’t use them if someone gives them to me. You may get a good batch of “cheap disc” but you never know. If you stick witht he good stuff from a reputable dealer you always know what you are getting.

I almost always use Ritek Ridata “branded” 8x +R. I have burned over 200 movies and never had a coaster that wasn’t my fault. A slower burn is better when doing DVD’s I usually burn at 2.4X sometimes at 4X but never faster than that. Ritek Ridata “branded” 8x +R are top of the line discs for movies and they are cheaper than most I get them through meritline.com a very good and reliable company with an outstanding return policy.

Another choice that you can get at Best Buy if you don’t like to shop over the web is Verbatim “datalife” (they look like old movie reels on the top of the disc), Not all of the verbatim are the same either, these are the only other ones I use.

You can also use TY’s but the ones that are good enough for movies are expensive

Here’s a link: http://meritline.com/ritek-8x-dvd-plus-r-dvdplusr-branded-blank-media-discs.html


thanks for all the help on this. actually, i was using memorex but it looks like i now know why they were 50 for $20. i have seen the verbatims you mentioned and if i recall, they were a little more expensive than most. i bought the burned primarily to backup old files and software but seeing as how i have the ability to make dvd movies, i figured i may as well get the most out of what i paid for. wierd thing is, i’ve never ran into this type of problem when working from a disc image so i was under the impression that it had to do more with the recoding process.

i’ll check out some of the disc brands you recommended. hopefully i’ll be able to get this to work.


just wanted to say thanks one more time. i had a friend who had verbatim discs and i spent last night burning one dvd after another. no more playback glitches whatsoever. i’ve spent so much time trying to get this to work i almost feel embarassed to say. still have about 30 more of these movies to go, but i had to stop in to say how helpful this forum was and how much i appreciate being able to finally get this stuff off my hard drive and onto dvds. :bow:


Try upping the burn speed to what the media is rated at. I’ve just been burning some Taiyo Yuden T02 +R (8x) at 12X with some very good results. Whilst the opinions offered here suggest slower speeds that’s not what everyone would recommend. Just try for yourself.