DVD playback softwares with...?

Are there any DVD playback softwares that have either “Random” play and/or fade in and out features just like cd softwares do?

Never checked, but winamp is able also to play movies, and winamp have “random” play and “fade” functions. Give it a try.

Moreover, also windows media player should have a shuffle option for playback if I’m not wrong

Nero showtime is excellent for playing multiple filetypes from a playlist, this is a screeny from showtime that comes with Nero 7 premium.

It even manages to play from iso images. Cool or what ? :cool:

Thanks for the links, will look into Winamp first [since it appears to have the 2 features I am looking for] and report back here. Got this link from the Videohelp.com forum


VLC is an excellent video player that accepts almost any type of file. From my experience, Winamp’s video capabilities pretty much suck. For DVD movies, I use Nero ShowTime. Found it pretty solid so far. Oh and I don’t use Windows Media Player for anything :wink:

Just checked: also powerdvd have a shuffle function

And I tested winamp: I agree with [B]sweetleaf[/B]: video playback is not the very best

Alright, to sum this up, PowerDVD seems to be the best bet concerning both quality and a shuffle feature so only the “fade” is left out?

powerdvd don’t have fade :frowning:

If you need fade only for audio files you can use winamp for it, and powerdvd for video only :iagree:

I use powerdvd but nero works as well.