DVD playback software



I am looking for a good dvd playback software for my pc. I do not like windows media player so the search is on for some freeware that will do the job well.


Try [B]VLC[/B] (free)


Are you asking for free or paid dvd player software? If not sure I would at least recommend looking at WinDVD player software I have version 8 and it works very good. Also as previous poster said give the free dvd player software VLC a try it play a variety of formats. Oh, yeah WinDVD I think has trial period but it is more or less a purchase software but you can’t go wrong buying it. They have WinDVD 9 out now but 8 it working well for me since I don’t use BD media.


VLC or Media Player Classic, both freeware.:slight_smile:

My daughter prefers VLC because it can do good screen captures.
I prefer Media Player Classic because I can tweak the audio channels to our 5.1 speaker setup more easily.

I know nothing about HD Video though, as I still cannot afford it.


Free or paid the choice will be up to you OP to choose what you are willing to spend or not spend for free items. But my money is on WindDVD 8 although they have WinDVD 9 out now. Don’t know all of the features of WinDVD 8 but it has 5.1 up to 8.1 setup because I use it mostly just to play DVD movies.


Another vote for VLC Media Player.