DVD Playback Software - Which One?



Just want some opinons on the best DVD playback software for use with Windows XP.

Iam using Sonic Cineplayer as it came free with a DVD Burner i had a while back, but i tend to get alot of lock ups and frezzing which means rebooting, plus playback quailty isnt that great.

Whats everyone else using ?


There have been plenty of threads about this, a search should pull some of them up. :slight_smile:

As to your question…PowerDVD works for me, when I choose to watch DVDs on my PC (which is once in a blue moon).


I agree: I find powerdvd a good software (even if I don’t use it so often).

Other, and free, good softwares are Media Player Classic and VLC Media Player.

However, I like more powerdvd: it’s only a personal choice. If you plan to buy a new burner, I suggest you to buy a retail package: many burners include also powerdvd among the other softwares :wink:



I now have so many “packaged” copies of PowerDVD, it’s insane!


Me too :stuck_out_tongue:


OT: watch out, Geno - I just purchased another two burners…I’m catching you up. :stuck_out_tongue:

None came with PowerDVD, though, LOL :bigsmile:

I must admit to never trying the freeware options. But then, I don’t play DVDs on my PC often enough. :slight_smile:


All the burners i buy are OEM, as i dont need to pay the extra for the box, ide cables, screws etc. I’ll look in to power DVD then. Thanks for the info people :slight_smile:


I also use powerdvd but sometimes I use BSplayer.


jppackham I also buy all my burners as OEM and they come in a plastic bag but they still come with Power DVD and Nero in the bag.


same here:6 copies :eek: