DVD playback quality - menus make a difference?

A general question. I’ve only made a few DVD’s mostly to test the process software etc, before I do my important DVDs. What I have now noticed is that DVDs with menus to “chapters” seem to playback worse than DVDs with menus to only a few chapters.

Okay I know hardware, media, software have all been changing, but I am just wondering, is it possible ?

Original DVD+R (prodisc), menus plenty. Jerky playback especially and menu points. Burned on Sony early DVD drive.

DVD+R (prodisc), menus 2, playback fine BENQ 1620
DVD+R (prodisc), menus 0, playback fine BENQ 1620

DVD+R DL (ritek and vertibam) menus 27, BENQ1620, playback jerky

Burned quite a few of the same stuff for testing. And jerkiness 80% of the time linked to menu point. Software nero 6, 6.6, TMPEnc 1.6.

Any possibility or just coincidence ?


Were you doing anything on your computer other than burning when you made your DVDs?

Also, the more menus you have, the less space you will have for higher quality video. But I don’t think that will explain the jerkiness.

No I used the PC exclusively for the burn (like the early days of CDR!!).

The reason I ask this question, is that I was wondering whether after each “chapter” the code says, check what I’m supposed to do (eg go back to menu or carry on), or whether the file is a continuous stream.

I just wonder if I am cursing my BENQ unnecessarily or not. I will run some tests, but just wondering if anyone knew whether perhaps menus can contribute in someway to playback issues on burned DVD’s,

i.e. the burn scan looks good, but problems in playback are to do with menus being present (and DVD+R quality). I don’t know enough technical info, hence wondering aloud amongst those in the know :slight_smile:

What kind of DVDs are these? Are they home videos being converted to DVD with Nero’s and TMPGEnc’s DVD authoring capabilities?

I don’t use Nero but I have used TMPGEnc and, depending on the selected bit rate/compression and the Motion Search Precision option, it can have a huge effect on the jerkiness of your video.

If these are commercial movie backups, try DVD Shrink. It can generate ISO images and the shell out to Nero to burn the image. You definitely want to read the Shrink guides because, as slickgino says, the more menus you have the less space you have for the actual video.

Try the DVD with menu on another (better) reader . Some older/lesser quality standalone players don’t like menus.

Huh? This thread is seriously weird. Why would a menu cause reading problems? Menus are just data, like any other, and part of the DVD spec. There’s going to be no DVD player that can’t read basic menus (although there may be some unusual features used on certain discs that some players might have dificulty with - but that’s nothing to do with disc reading quality).

Chances are the menu number is just a coincidence, and that the real issue is whether a particular blank disc is compatible with a particular burner.

The only other thing I can think of is that perhaps the discs with more menus are fuller, and that the disc quality of the media you’re burning with worsens towards the end of the disc?

A lot of times Menus / Trailers / Adverts, etc are all recorded at the end of the disc with most DVD Programs. If you are having trouble with the menus then most likely you are experiencing avalanching towards the end of the disc with the media you are using. If not that then potentially the media you are using isn’t quite as compatible with the DVD Player unit being used. That is another potential. If you have access to another DVD Player I’d suggest trying those same discs in that unit and see if the trouble still exists.

Also try scanning the problematic discs with CD-DVD Speed’s ‘Disc Quality’ test. It will show if the end of the discs are unreliable.