Dvd playback prolems


has anyone expreinced playback problems after burning your dvd. on mine, i find that the last chapter of the movie will not play.


yes ,this is a common problem. there are many,many posts about it here.

WHat brand media are you using? Cheap media usually equals cheap results.

i used the sony dvd+rw that came with the sony dru-500a burner. i also tried using a dvd-rw as well. the thing i find is that my dvd player won’t play the plast chapter of the movie, but i can play it on the pc.


set the size in dvd2one 4000 mb so you don’t burn your dvd+RW to the edge

ok, i’ll try that. is there a way of viewing stats about the dvd, like bit rate, etc? i don’t mean with dvd2one, but with any package?


I burned several movies with different version of burnsoftware
i get the same results . the play very good on my pc but freezes on the last 10 a 20 minutes of the movie in a stand alone player.
Today i tested 15 dvd standalone players with my burned media and guess…the all had the same problem,freezing at the last 10 a 20 minutes,i burn my dvds on nashua dvds,.while my brother burn them on thats write media and he has also problems with some movies,(not as many as i have),so my answer to you is
buy good media i think thats for 90% the problem of freezing screens at the last 10 a 20 minutes of a burned dvd on a staand alone dvd player:confused:

I always use platinum dvd+r cheap 2 euro burnt 60 movies never had problems:)

so you think its a dvd2one problem… iam sure its not
i download some dvdmovies sometimes… not compressed with dvd2one and they freeze also

Originally posted by greevels
so you think its a dvd2one problem… iam sure its not
i download some dvdmovies sometimes… not compressed with dvd2one and they freeze also

Talking about media not dvd2one:rolleyes:

thanks for that fella. i decreased the size of the movie and it now works.


This problem was around long before DVD2one. For some reason a lot of the “bulk disc” manufacturers are defective on the outer edges of the disc. Most of the time it doesn’t fail, you just get some decoding (blocks) noise during playback.

On some discs you can even see “speckles.”

I had the same problem with my Kenwood DVD player. The movie kept freezing toward the end of the movie. The best solution is to go to Best Buy and purchase a Mintek 1600 standalone DVD player. This player reads everything with no probelm at all. No freezing, no skipping, and no pixelization. The player is only $49. I just couldn’t believe that the cheapest player is the best for burned DVD of any type media. So my conclusion is the problem lies with the player, not the media. Hope this helps.

Its the media 100% sure about that.i tested the last few days with the same movie with nashua media and thats write media
the nashua media give problems at the end while the thats write media plays 100% perfect on my pioneer dv444 standalone,best testet player ever. :slight_smile:

so believe me its the media that cause the problem.

I agree. I changed brands and it simply went away…

You just have to find the right media for the right player. I use the cheap Princo DVD’s and have no problem playing them on the Mintek 1600 Player. This is a great combination. Cheap media and cheap player=success.

I’ve had very good luck with the Princos and the Ritek 1X disks… as a matter of fact it’s been a long time since I’ve had this problem. Lately I’ve been buying a lot from meritline.com

Has anyone found the speed of the burn to have an impact?
I noticed you specifically mentioned the 1x Ritek DVD’s.

I’ve been burning at 4x and am experiencing the same problems at the end of dvd for both home movies and dvd movie backups on my stand-alone Apex dvd player.
I’m using memorex dvd-r 4x media.
However, they play fine on the computers…

Could be a lot of things – the disc, the burning software, the drive, the standalone unit… but most often it’s the disc.

But then again, I saw this happen on some of the cheaper 4X Princo discs I bought only to find out it went away when I started burning with DVDDecrypter (from an ISO image).