Dvd playback problems

Hi there folks,

I am relatively new to dvd authoring - I don’t know if I should have put this in the newbie forum, if so I apologise.

I’ve used Roxio Easy Cd & Dvd Creator 6 to try making dvds from AVIs I’ve downloaded (they work ok in winamp and media player, so seems like the files are ok).

It all goes nice and smoothly, and burn ok. The trouble begins when I try to play them back. In Powerdvd 5.0, it plays the intro (that Roxio automatically inserts unless the user removes it) but won’t play the film. In Nero Showtime, it plays the film more or less ok, but the sound is horrific.


They work ok on my girlfriend’s tv & dvd player - but I haven’t got either, just a pc and it turns out I can’t watch my own films!

Any suggestions as to how I can sort this out?


All the best, martin.