Dvd playback problems

have tried two different dvd players (sony /pineer107d) with various films and the playback keeps. stuttering and stops then carries on playing does this every few minutes have mesh 2800 athlon with ge-force5600 256 ddr /512 memory, have updated all drivers tried closing all other apps and screensavers updated direct x to 9b in direct x test mode spinning box also stalls then carries on but test results show no problems can anyone help

What media are you using? What speed are you burning at?
These symptoms are generally associated with buffer underruns (dark and light rings in the middle of the DVD) or cheap media (loads of disc write / read errors) try a different brand of media or have a look in the forum for your writer to see what other users recommend.

problem is with bought genuine dvds im thinking could be direct-x as like i said in test mode box slows and stutters before continuing test but no problems reported

It could be a number of reasons… here are just some of the potential culprits:

  1. Your processor could be overheating slightly, so causing it to momentarily lapse and almost suspend for a few seconds.

  2. Another process is cutting in and eating up your processing power (Check for Spyware/Adware/Viruses, just in case

  3. DMA may not be enabled for your DVD Drive (Though it should be, by default if you’re using XP/2000)

  4. IRQ Conflict on your soundcard (they’re a major culprit for most computer problems lately)

  5. Your DVD playing software

I would recommend that you try another program to playback the DVD to see if it has the same problems. Try downloading a trial of PowerDVD or WinDVD (though that’s severely bloated these days)

Computers these days do have a lot of problems with both power and heat dissipation and during the Summer you’re more likely to get hotter temperatures - and computers can have problems.

Does the problem occur if you leave your machine off for a few hours and then you play the DVD straight after booting up again? If it does, then it won’t be a heat issue.

It doesn’t sound as though the Writers are at fault as they usually have good error correction anyway. If nothing else works, it could be some sporadic problem with the motherboard/memory… there’s just too many options to explore.

EDIT: You say that the graphics keep stalling - it could be inadequate cooling on the graphics card, or as I said above, it may be a conflict - neither of which is easy to diagnose online.

tried both win dvd4se and power dvd5 ,dma is enabled on drive and asus a7n8x motherboard shows cpu temp is ok ,using norton antivirus 2004 and fire wall,adaware 6 spybot search and destroy and spysweeper all show no problems

Your m/board uses an N/vidia chipset, have you installed the n/vidia IDE drivers as these are a major cause of problems within windows, try uninstalling them and use the default MS drivers, if unsure on how to do this just do a search on these forums as its been covered loads of times and see if thats your problem.

sorry been away couple of days tried uninstalling n/vidia IDE from system but it reloads on restart . sound card is onboard m/b and all checks ive done show no conficts . have tried several games all which appear to work ok