DVD playback problem

After Backing up a dvd with nero and it apeared to have burnt fine but when it is played I only can hear and not see anything on the screen what would be causing this? Protection of some sort?

Check all your settings on your tv,stereo,etc…maybe something is


You need to identify where the problem is occurring - pre or post burn.
If you have Ravisent’s CinePlayer or WinDvd you can play the DVD files from the hard drive. Just right-click the file VIDEO_TS.IFO file and then select ‘Open With…’ and choose one of the above players. (There may be other software players that do this, although I don’t think that the popular PowerDVD is one of them, alas).
If you now get sound and vision, the files are OK and something is either wrong with the burning process (try another burning software), or your stand alone player doesn’t like the results (most likely cause: media).
If you cannot even play the files from the hard drive in this way, you must accept that you have done something wrong in ripping them. Try DVDDecrypter; that’s pretty bullet-proof.

Alternatively, one of the new copying applications like DVD2One, InstantCopy, DVD95Copy, etc. might be the [easier] answer. Browse the forum for opinions on the relative merits of these programs.


The copy from dvd to dvd goes fine from what I can see but when I put it into my Pioneer DV-626D standalone player all I get is the audio and no sound. I shall try some of the afore mentioned tools. Thx.