DVD playback problem

I purchased some very rare early 70s “Soul Train” DVD’s a short while back and one of the DVD’s played perfetly in the beginning but now it’s freezing up at just around a few minutes from start, I can’t get this DVD anymore so is there anything I can do or is there anything available that will solve this problem?

Colour of the disc please? This sound like a problem with degredation which happens mainly with cheap DVD-Rs.

If it pressed check to make sure the playing side is clean of fingerprints and if there are any scratches.

If the DVD is a commercially-produced disk take it to your local video store and ask them to polish it in their buffing machine…should only cost you a couple of bucks and if scratches are the cause of the read-errors you’re getting then the polishing should negate these.

The color is purple just like my TY discs, yes, it does look dirty, I will take it to blockbuster here and this time I will immediately make backups of these DVD’s since I can’t those anywhere anymore, thanks for the tips fellas…

That means they are not legit DVDs but pirated, if you purchased it from someone who can be traced go back and ask for your money back or report them. Sorry but help for pirsted material is not allowed as it breaks the rules, though you purchased it, you have been stung.

I bought them from a local Flea Market here in NY and don’t expect to meet the seller ever again which is why I don’t believe that I will ever come across these anywhere again so I 'll have them cleaned and if that doesn’t work then that’s my loss.

That’s exactly why those bad guys should be avoided…

Also why they should be hung out to dry. They give the respectable “pirate” a bad name.