DVD playback problem

Hi there, i recently purchased a NEC 3540, i’m using Benq DVD+R’s, i’ve set the bitype to make sure burning a DVD+R gets burnt as a DVD-ROM.

However, i can playback the burnt DVD’s fine on my player, whereas friends that try the same DVD have playback problems. No menu appearing, and the picture is squeezed into a corner, or appears almost stretched and overlapping.

Could this be a media problem ? I’ve not tried any other media, but i make sure i burn at the lowest speed.

Should i try a DVD-R ?

I was just wondering if anyone else had a similar issue and have resolved it somehow ?


This has nothing to do with the burner nor the media.

So you’re basically saying that my mate’s DVD players just can’t play these types of DVD then ?

Because it can’t be a problem with the way i’m actually making the DVD itself as it works fine on 3 other players…


Could be that the player is picky about media or the media were not burnt with good quality, you could scan the media using Nero Cd Speed.

The other thing is Authoring. IF you have used Nero, I’m not surprised.
Nero doesn’t create/burn 100% compatible DVD VIDEO discs.
Programs like IMGToolBurn do, however.

Aha, well that at least gives me another option to try!

Any other programs that are better than Nero at producing compatible DVD Video discs that you know of ?


Hmm, but just reading about ImgToolBurn, it seems to use the Nero API, so what would it do differently that Nero doesn’t i wonder ?