DVD playback problem with Philips DVDRs

I was trying out a Philips DVDR3480 and found it kept pausing when playing prerecorded DVDs. I found a DVD that was particularly bad where the pauses where over 1 sec long and the 3480 front panel lights went out and the DVD head made a loud noise (like a seeking noise).

I tried this DVD in another DVD player (pacific) and it played fine.
I tried the DVD in my PC and it played fine.

I tried it in an old Philips DVD player and it paused. Not as bad as the 3480 but definite pauses and head movement noises.

I dug out my Philips DVDR70 and tried that. It paused big time! The DVDR70 locked up at the first pause!!

So I have 3 philips machines that have problems playing a DVD that plays OK on a non-philips machine and on a PC. Is it just me or are Philips machines rubbish?

I suppose that the Philips drives you tried are a bit sensitive with errors (their error correction mechanisms are not very efficient). I am not aware whether this is a general concession for all Philips standalones.