DVD playback problem with certain players

Hi there, i recently purchased a NEC 3540, i’m using Benq DVD+R’s, i’ve set the bitype to make sure burning a DVD+R gets burnt as a DVD-ROM.

However, i can playback the burnt DVD’s fine on my player, whereas friends that try the same DVD have playback problems. No menu appearing, and the picture is squeezed into a corner, or appears almost stretched and overlapping.

Could this be a media problem ? I’ve not tried any other media, but i make sure i burn at the lowest speed.

Should i try a DVD-R ?

I was just wondering if anyone else had a similar issue and have resolved it somehow ?


Please. don’t crosspost. Is against forum rules and generate confusion between users.

Regarding your problem, it seems a media issue. Some standalone players are very picky about media. Usually +R media burned with ROM booktype should be very compatible also with older standalones.

Try to see here if the standalone not reading the disc have some compatibility problem. Simply search the correct model of standalone and see results.

Another possibility can be that your friend’s standalone cannot read NTSC or PAL movies. What type of movie do you burned?

Thanks for the info, sorry about the crosspost, will not do it again.

It’s a PAL movie, and his player has always played things ok before.

My last chance would be to try a -R or a different +R media i guess. Is it possible to burn a +R as a -R using booktyping ? There is an option for it on the flashing GUI interface…

Would not having chapters or a menu do anything do you think ?


Try to do a read on link I suggested about standalone players.

A -R disc cannot be burned as ROM, because booktype setting can be done only on +R media.

Not having chapters shouldn’t have any effect if the movie is correctly edited (and if your player read it fine, it’s correctly edited :wink: )

Try with another media. Some standalone are very picky, and if the disc have some errors the player simply refuse to read disc.

Try to post a scan of this disc with cd-dvd speed. Maybe this can give further informations. Please, use your NEC to do scans, because only burners give reliable results

OK thanks, i’ll get the exact model of the DVD player with the problems and cross-reference.

That’s what i thought re the Chapter question.

I’ve done a quick scan of a DVD i just burnt, came back seemingly fine, all 100%, all green bars.

Thanks for all the help, reckon it’s, as you say, just a question of getting the correct media!

Thanks again.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Can you post the scan? Just curious :stuck_out_tongue:

Erm, i’m a bit of a n00b (as you can probably tell!).

Not sure if i’m running the same scan you’re talking about, could you post how to run your one and how to post it ?


It’s very simple. Download here latest version of cd-dvd speed. It’s free, and don’t require installation.

After run insert the disc on the burner (not on a dvd reader, because only burners give reliable scans). Then select “disc quality” tab, select 4x speed and finally press start button. It require about 15 min to complete scan.

After scan finish, press the little button on high right to save an image of scan. Please, save in png format, because file dimensions are smaller and readability is better.

Finally, on post reply window press the button “Manage attachments” and upload the image. That’s all.

I hope to have explained in a clear way

Hehe, you couldn’t have explained it any clearer :slight_smile:

Do you work on an IT helpdesk or something :wink:

I shall make a posting asap.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Actually most of my knowledges in optical devices come from this forum :bigsmile: