Dvd playback lag problem plz help me



I created a back up of my Incredibles using Dvd shrink 3.2
since source was Dvd 9 i shrunk it to fit a Dvd 5

but when i play the copied Dvd on my dvd player or on the comp i expeiance lags :sad: . Some frame(s)get stuck for about 1 second or less .
is this an encoding problem is their a better software than this which i can use to avoid this lag .

i use dvd shrink 3.2


What for media do you’ve used?


well i used HP DVD+R 8x 4.7 GB

plz do help me
thanx in advance :slight_smile:


Well it could be philips or mcc03, you can download dvdidentifier from
here http://dvdidentifier.cdfreaks.com/ to get the mid from the
media. Also what burning speed you’ve used? If 8x, i’d try at 4x.


i burned it @ 4x i am sure i used HD DVD+R ,so ur saying no prob with Dvd shrink,prob with the media??


he never claimed you didnt used it, what you arent aware of is that many cd/dvd medias are just brand names and arent manufactured by that brand but by some optical disc manufactuer cmc/prodisc/mcc/tayio yuden/ritek and so on that hp dvd+r of yours isnt manufactured by hp and thats why he suggested youll use dvd identifier to determine the real manufacturer,in most cases its a media issue update firmware and burn again if it wont help try another brand,btw if your burner supports 8x writing then you should write it at 8x after all its supported by the media


oh ok


it says on the Dvd Cover which i got with a pack of 5 manufactered by


that only says who manufactured it,it doesnt say the media code use dvd identifier for that ,there are diffrent media codes with diffrences in quality among em , you might find a list of supported media codes on your burner manufacturer site and if not you might be able to get em with this tool http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=114269


ok but i burnt these DVD in my uncle house coz i dont have a burner nor a Dvd Rom
i am goin there tommorrow so i wil do that dvd identifier thing 1st


I must say u guys are doing a gr8 job :bow: :bow: :clap: on this forum its really helpful for ppl like me


ok here is wat Dvd I dentifier Says

plz help me out


If you have NERO, run CDSPEED quality test. I believe that the media you are using is low budget media, and likely poor quality. Step up to mid range media like RITEK G05’s, or high quality media like Fuji (made in japan), Taiyo Yuden, or Verbatim.


according to mediacodespeededit BYS2 firmware supports that mediacode at 4/6/8 speeds,burn again at 8x and see how it goes
also update the firmware BYS3 is latest but your drive is a liteon 1633s oem and the 1633s firmware is a little newer


wel i got a Sony DRU-800A
so wat do i do accordind to the ,manual it says i dont have to install any drivers for the writer to fuction on my comp?


that is true there are no drivers for optical drives and arent needed either, windows have its own generic drivers which works great,my bad i just assumed that drive on the screenshot is the only dvd burner you have not many ppl have more then one anyway i just checked that drives firmware aswell and it does support that mediacode at 6/8 speeds but that still doesnt mean the media aint at fault

have you burned at 8x?
do you have the latest firmware KS03? (dru-800a is a liteon 1693s oem and the 1693s firmware is 1 week newer then sony’s)
you might wanna get taiyo yuden media from www.rima.com


well i got 800A only yesterday i havent used it yet i went to site and got firmware update


i got firmware update KY03


does it play without stuttering and freezing in your pc if it does it is the media you are writing to try ritek go5 verbatim or if money aint a prob Taiyo Yuden alough tests say +r are the best most peeps will agree -r are more compatible even with older players
hope this helps


ya lag occurs on disc not in the comp thanks