DVD playback Jumps and very slow burn speed

Hi there

Just having a bit of troulbe when buring DVD’s i have copied using DVD decrypter. When i play them back, they jump every 5 or 6 seconds… the pickture freezes then jumps to about 5 seconds on… it plays for a few seconds then jsut keeps doing the same, but not when i play them back on my pc using my pc’s dvd-rom drive. I have used nero recode and also tried dvd shrink to make the files fit onto a 4.7 gig disk but i get the same trouble with both. BUT i do not get any jumping if i compile a dvd from video files on my pc or if i copy a disk that doesnt need recoding to make it smaller. i did wonder if it was just my standalone dvd drive that doesnt read copioed dvd’s but as it can play uncompressed copied dvd’s fine im ruling that one out.

so its definately to do with the recoding part, but i have no idea why.

Also my burn speed is really slow. i’ve tried buring at a slow speed anyway to get rif of this probelm but it doesnt help (im also using DVD-R disks for the record) but when buring at 4x, the estimated time is 13 mins i think, but it takes about an hour. I’ve checked the pc’s statistics when buring and the cpu doesnt run higher then about 70%. its quite annoying as i have a friend with an older PC who can only burn at 2x max and he can burn a disk in 20 mins. could this be related to my jumping on playback? iv tried buring with both nero and dvd shrink as well as recoding with them.

any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

The burn speed thing…have you tried checking/enabling DMA for your drives (if only just to rule out a DMA problem)?


I agree with Arachne’s summation of your problem and also you might have some crappy blank media.

:iagree:…media is always worth investigating!

What brand of discs are you using?

Well the Burn speed problem was solved with enabling the DMA, so thank you for that. the main problem still stands tho.

The media im using probably would be classed as ‘crappy’. its nothing brand named. but i have since tried the dvds on a firends dvd player and they work fine… just not on mine! SO im starting to think i just have a crap DVD player, although it plays dvds that havent been compressed absolutly fine… so i dont know.

ill try some good quality disks for my next attempt.

Some DVD players are more picky than others. I believe that Sony , for example, are very fussy about what media they’ll play.

Something else to try is burning at the rated speed & not slower. Obviously without knowing what media you have I can’t tell if you’re doing this or not.

My Sony player has played everything that I have tried. +/-R, TY to Playo, it all works.


Thanks a lot TimC. i was using disks rated at 8x. but iv always been lead to belive that if in doubt burn at a lower speed, so i have been burning at 4x. so i tried buring at 8x and the disks play perfectly.

brilliant! thanks a lot for everyones help

For anyone else looking up the same problem -

I’ve been experimenting and think i have it sorted why the disk jumped. After burning at full speed did oliminate the jumps however I did get the odd pause here and there, and sometimes a lot of jumps despite burning at full speed.

I’ve found that defragmenting the hard drive really makes a difference. I recently partitioned my hard drive and formatted half of it to hold just system files, when i ripped a dvd to this partition and defragged it i had no jumps at all, if i ripped to the other half that hadnt been recently formatted, even after defragging the disks still jumped. So ripping and recoding to a recently defragged hard drive really makes the difference, or a recently formatted hard drive helps even more. Im not saying you should format your HD every time you want to burn, but a recently formatted hard disk (or partition) makes a lot of a difference when defragging. (something to do with the files not being divided all over the hard disk and being positioned together on the actual disk).