DVD Playback Issues

Hi there, wondering if anyone can help me here.

I’m having trouble playing DVD movies on my computer. The drive is a TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-H653Q SCSI CDRom. I’m running vista professional 64bit.

The problem is playback tends to stop at the ‘it is forbidden to copy this dvd’ piracy warning. One way of getting past this is I can select different scenes/parts of the DVD in windows media player (and other media players; gom, vlc, media player classic), for example I could select the main feature from the navigation panel and half of it will play and then it will freeze. All the dvds I have are genuine.

The DVDS I have probelms with aren’t faulty as i’ve tested them on my laptop.

I’ve tried cleaning the lens and reinstalling the drivers. DMA mode is selcted - the only thing here is under ‘IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers’ in device manager my dvd drive isn’t listed, instead it’s found under ‘storage controller’ > ‘NVIDIA nForce serial ATA controller’ where dma mode is set for my dvd drive. I’m sure the nvidea nforce used to be listed under ide/etc.

I can however rip cds, install games, i was able to create recovery discs.

I’ve ran hardware diagnostics and when the DVDs in which don’t play back are in the drive it fails all of the tests (seek test, linear test), when a DVD which does play back is in the drive, the tests all pass.

This computer is brand new, i’m pretty stuck to be honest. Any help would be appreciated.

Hope this makes sense

It’s the advanced DRM in Vista causing the problem (assuming you are using WMP).

I mainly use WMP but i’ve tried a few different ones. Is there any way to do anything about it do you know?

Thanks for the info.

Unless I’m mistaken, the main issues were resolved in SP1. I believe you may also need to ensure you have your region set on the DVD drive.