DVD Playback Issues

OK, before this gets deleted for redundant topic, let me just say that I did a brief search and found nothing that directly pertains to my issue.

I have been making dvds for just over a year now. I use pinnacle studio 9 plus because it was free (My dad purchased it and decided he didn’t need it). Over the last year I have made several functional DVDs that would play on any player I tried, and I have tried lots. At the very end of last month I completed one with no issues what-so-ever. Things changed just recently and I can not figure out why.

I put together a brief slideshow style movie for my family of my daughter. We do it every year. I completed and saved the project, clicked, make movie, and clicked burn disk (No settings changed between the last movie and this one). The disk completed and I closed up shop for the night. When I got up the following morning, I brought it over to the nearest dvd player and discovered “No Disk”. Well, I wandered through out the house to the other dvd players. Same type of issue with different errors. After work I brought it over to Dad’s. He has an assortment of dvd players in his office (he does analog video editing presently). It had an assortment of errors on all of them…save for the cheapest piece of junk portable dvd player. It played just fine on that one. Which is why I am a bit perplexed.

I have tried various types of disks. Memorex (yes, I know that is bad. It was my last choice but there), TDK, Panasonic, and a couple of Dad’s brands that he swears by. I have tried both -r and +r to no avail. For the life of me, I just can’t figure out why it would work one day, and not the next. Anyway, on the off chance it was the project and not the variety of disks, I am going to redo it. I probably could have fit a few more pictures and another song on there anyway. In the meantime, however, if any of you have any suggestions, I am all ears.


Well since I don’t have any experience with pinnacle studio ,I can only suggest trying better media than those you mentioned, e.g. Verbatims…
Having said that try this alternative(also free BTW…)…good luck!..