DVD Playback Issues

I’m having trouble with some DVD playback. I’ve been making backups using DVD Decrypto and DVD Shrink on my NEC 3500AG w/ stock 2.18 firmware. If I take the movie backup and play it in my laptop DVD drive the video quality is fine. If I turn around play the DVD on my desktop with my ASUS E616P2 w/ stock 1.4 firmware the picture is very blocky and the video is sometimes choppy. I’m using PowerDVD 4.0 on my desktop PC.

What’s going wrong? I don’t think the burn is the problem? Is it PowerDVD or is it my DVD-ROM (ASUS E616P2)?? Thanks!!!

Problem is usually burn speed and/or quality of DVD media. Stick with good media from Japan…Taiyo Yuden, TDK, Fuji, and Maxell. Verbatim 8x should be okay, too.

Burn a disc at 2.4x or 4x and retest. Does it work in a stand alone DVD player? You may need to reload PowerDVD. Also make sure the primary and secondary IDE channels are running in DMA mode.

use nero cd-dvd speed to test out the quality of the burn

Update the firmware of your ASUS. Also try downloading the latest video driver.