DVD Playback Issue

Hi folks-having an odd issue burning my VHS over to DVD. I am able to successfully burn the VHS to a DVD-R blank. However, when I go to playback the movie in a Blu-Ray player, the playback will hang/pause every 50 seconds. I can take this same DVD I just created and pop it in a standard DVD player and it works just fine-no hanging.

I tried altering the pictue quality settings on both the VCR and DVD burning (IE: going from SP to LP and vice versa) and the only thing does is alter the amount of time it takes to generate the pause-but the pause is still present on the BR players. I have multiple BR players, including a PS3, laptop, and shelf player and the issue occurs on every one of them.

Any advice is appreciated-thanks!

Welcome to the forums gdw1978.

How, exactly, are you creating the dvds? Are you making them in a stand alone dvd recorder, or are you transferring the VHS video to a computer first, then making the dvd-video in software on the computer?

Thanks Kerry. I have a DVD burner shelf unit which I connect a VCR to. The video feed from the VCR hits an image enhancer and then routes to the DVD burner. The burn works fine-I can view the DVD just fine on any standard DVD player. Its only when I use a BR player which connects via HDMI to our HD TVs do I see the issue. I’m guessing there is something going on with an upconversion perhaps or something which is affecting the timing. When the issue crops up you can visually see the timer stop (usually every 50 seconds) and the movie continues for a few seconds before hanging up for approx 5 seconds. After which, the movie resumes on its own (albeit from 2 seconds previous from last frame) and then we start the process all over…50 seconds later.

I’ve updated firmware on my BR players (burner doesn’t have a USB) and no dice either. Thoughts?

Can you connect the tv to the blu ray player with something other than HDMI? See if you have the same issue when connected by composite, s-video or component cables. I’m just wondering about HDMI handshake failure here.

If you have a dvd burner in your computer, try burning a dvd-video in it, then playing on the blu ray player. See if it exhibits the same behavior. If not, then rip one of the dvds you’ve made in the dvd recorder to the hard drive of your computer. Run it through FixVTS and burn to a new disc, then try playing on the blu ray player again. http://www.videohelp.com/tools/FixVTS

Ok Kerry-I tested this and tried component cables…same issue. I then went as far as trying it with good old RCA cables and same issue.

I haven’t tried your other suggestion just due to the mere principals involved with time/money (I wouldn’t do that for every VHS I needed to get over to DVD-too involved).

I’d like to think this is something with the BR players as we’ve taken the cables and TVs out of the picture, and the DVDs work in other players. Any other suggestions?

I’m afraid those were my two best shots. At least you know it isn’t anything to do with HDMI.

Have you ever tried a burned dvd in those blu ray players and have it work ok? Making one in a computer isolates the players from the dvd recorder. If you eliminate compatibility of burned media as a problem, then you are down to the manner in which the dvd is made in the dvd recorder.

Which was why I recommended FixVTS on a dvd made in the dvd recorder, as it will adjust dvd structure so that it complies with strict dvd-video specifications.

When you say you are using a video enhancer, do mean you are using something to get rid of Macrovision on commercially made VHS tapes?

But looking through your post again, the part that really baffles me is why it works on a dvd player, and not in your blu ray players. There really shouldn’t be this great difference.

It would if it is a disk problem with his Blu-ray player Some do not like certain brands of disk. I would like to know the model number for burner and blu-ray player then google it for burnt dvds.

You did not say what brand of dvd disk you are using cheap disk will play on some players but not others… Also what brand is you DVD player Sony for one is very picky on disk.
Try burning to dvd-r instead dvd+r
Google this and read read read

burned dvd will not play blu ray player