Dvd Playback fails everytime



I’ve just recently upgraded to a new motherboard and processor, hard drive and dvd burner.
I had installed windows sucessfully and was having no problems other than 10 out of 1 times I restarted I would get a blue screen of death (file in non-page file area and one other) I deduced the problem was windows so I reloaded it again and have reloaded all of my drivers with the most up to date versions of everything. so far no blue screens, however, I cannot play dvd’s at all regardless of the software I use to play it back. I know it is related to either: 1. the decoder I am using (ati dvd decoder most recent version) 2. drivers for video card ( most recent video drivers from ati) or 3. the drivers for the sound (most up to date version of drivers from realtek) although since the program completely freezes up the entire computer when it does it I have no way of verifying what is causing the problem.
Does anyone have any idea why I cannot play dvd’s at all and what recommendations they would make to help me so that I can watch movies on my computer. The dvd’s are not burned.
system specs.
Asus p5WD2 premium motherboard with Realtek HD audio
pentium D 805 2.66ghz dual core processor
2gb crucial ddr ram pc2 5300
300gb seagate barracuda sata 3.0gb/s hdd
lite-on dvd burner SH-16A7S-05
software used is windows media player 9
powerdvd 6
ati radeo xt1600 driver version
realtek hd driver version
it should also be noted that even if the dvd files are on my computer they still will not play and will freeze up the computer.


You may want to try uninstalling your dvd drive and let windows reinstall it