Dvd, play side, speckled with pin prick dots

hullo…new here, and thought question best for site…

i recently came across a couple of my XBOX 360 games, and a few movie DVD’s that are unplayable due to the play side portion of the disk covered, or speckled, with pin prick dots. niot disk rot, as they are opaque.

have tried cleaning them yet no go.

any help would be appreciated greatly.

thanks much,


Are these original disks, or burned disks? Original dvd rom’s are made differently from the disks you can burn data on. The originals are stamped metal sandwiched between layers of polycarbonate plastic. Blank dvds that can be burned use a dye layer.

Do you live in a particularly humid climate? (I would guess not from your user name) Dvds can be subject to mold infestation in hot, humid conditions.

they are all original. when i run my nail over the surface, i can feel their indentations, so i am guessing it might actually be disc rot? the discs had only been played once before.

thank you very much for the reply


here’s a pic…finally found some avenue…


That [B]is[/B] odd, to feel indentations. Definitely deterioration of some sort, and probably no way to fix them.

You can try to decrypt and rip the movies to the hard drive and burn to new disks, but I doubt it will work. You’ll probably get unrecoverable I/O errors while ripping.

shrink yields the cyclic redundancy error…

just wrote the studio for one disc…hope they reply in kind

DVDShrink is probably the least robust decrypter/ripping program. If I were attempting this, I’d use DVDDecrypter. You can set the read error retries to a higher number than the default 20.

If you know the dvd has an advanced protection that DVDDecrypter can’t handle on its own, you could run AnyDVD in the background to deal with that.

Its probably not worth the trouble though, with physical defects in the disk, you are not likely to rip it successfully. The odds are very much against it.

Writing to the manufacturers is just about the only step left I would think.

thanks for the help, kerry…

from the west as well: e.p.