DVD play, help me!



I burn alot of DVDs. They used to run fine in me media player. I have a HP Desktop comp. I upgraded my video card to play games on my comp, and I upgraded the processor. Geeksquad told me to do so. Now when I watch movies on my comp, The sound is normal but the video is choppy and slow. But this only happens after the comp. has been on for about and hour or two. maybe its another program starting up or something but I cant see the programs starting.What should I be looking at?


What are you using to play the dvds? It does sound like there is some type of software conflict here.

You might try playing them with a free player like VLC media player. www.videolan.org It is self contained and does not rely on outside codecs. Another free one is Media Player Classic Home Cinema. http://mpc-hc.sourceforge.net/


It won’t hurt to try VLC as Kerry56 posted.
Since the processor was upgraded .I suspect heat & the heat sink compound under the processor was improperly applied.
I doubt the problem is the video card specially if the games are working OK.It is possible the drivers for the card aren’t updated .
If you want to test this take the monitor off the video card & use the original monitor port temporarily.View a movie that way.
Last if the above fails you could unplug the new video card from its slot.


Ah, good idea Cholla. It is possible that the new cpu is overheating. Do you have any temperature monitoring software on the computer bartbbest? If you have an Intel based system, you should be able to use Real Temp: http://www.techpowerup.com/realtemp/

There may also be software available from HP to monitor temperatures.