Dvd platinum PS2?

what does the PS2 copy? Playstation 2?

I think so.


Thanks im going to give it a try ill post follow up

wont play on ps2 :frowning:

You must mod PS2 to read back-ups,with chip or slide method.

Hi rotty, DVD Platinum does back up PS2 Games. To enable them to play on your PS2 it will need to be a) Chipped, b) run a disc called Swap magic 3.6.

Do a search on google for swap magic and it will bring up the sites that sell it.
I would not recommend chipping the unit as this involves opening the unit up and soldering parts. The swap magic is a disc and a slide tool.

Hope this helps,

Peter :bigsmile:

Thanks for the info,ill check it out.

Hi rotty, Glad to have been of some help :wink:
Please let us know your final outcome when you have the other part to play your backups.

Peter :iagree: