DVD Platinum / DVD Gold

Do owners of DVD Platinum also get a Key to use
with DVD Gold ? ? ?

If so, how do we get that ? ?


I think the keys are specific to the software title (I got a new one when I upgraded to Platinum). Gold is a stripped down version of Platinum. Why would you want to use it if you’ve already paid for Platinum???

I only wanted to know if, as a Platinum Owner,
we are entitled to a Key for DVD Gold
In most cases, I would use Platinum

I understand your question more clearly now but can’t offer any better answer than before :frowning: . Find one of Fengtao’s posts and send him a PM or email. He generally responds within 24 hrs.

I have done that about 2 hrs ago … we will see what
he says, probably hear back by Mon or Tues

You may have noticed in the thread that there is a major bug in the new release. This may keep him busy for a day or so. He is normally very accomodating. Good luck with it. If you are new to the forum, welcome. You will be amazed at the level of expertise available from some of the contributors.

Yes, I did read that … however, it does not seem to affect
everybody … maybe only with some cpus or burners
Hard to say which yet … but if it is a software bug, I am sure
Fentago will find it and correct it … his products have been
pretty reliable

I have licenced copies of both Platinum and gold and yes I did Get new key for each one and they are different keys. Once you submit request for new key and it’s confirmed that your email address you used for each version is in their database you will receive reg key for both. But it may takesome time. Don’t hold your breath.

Also when contacting fengtao, remember this is an international forum and there are major time differences in this world. Fengtao is in China, so there are different holidays etc. in addition to time differences. Fengtao also has a family to care for and has to sleep like the rest of us.


That’s fine … I can wait
Just wanted to know if we
were entitled to the key for Gold