Dvd platinum 3

in the dvd to mobile part i used the generic part to copy a movie in a size that would fit on a cd (less than 700 mb). i can not burn this to a cd, i use nero and it will not recognize the format

It doesn’t matter what the format is. I assume you mean you want to burn it to a cd as a data disc. All you have to do is add the file to the compilation and burn.

If you are trying to make a VCD out of it, use NeroVision Express. If that can’t open the file, try opening it in Media Player. If it is a no go there, you need to download the proper codec. Once it plays in Media Player, Nero should recognize the file type.

If the file is not being recognized by Nero to be burnt then may be that is the indication that you don’t have the right plugins for the format you are trying to copy.

Thanks I Got It To Burn, When I Origanally Copied It From The Dvd I Used The Avi.xvid.mp3.dvdfab Setting And My Dvd Player Will Not Play It. It Usually Plays Most Anything, I Will Have To Try Something Else