DVD Platinum

Anyone know how to get documentation for this product?


The smart a$$ answer: write it.
The real answer…
There is no Microsoft :frowning: or even Symantec :Z style documentation for DVDFab. That’s one reason it doesn’t cost more than the (IMO) very reasonable price Fengtao asks. Like other products of this type, users are generally expected to figure it out and share with others on the forum.

If you’d like an excellent overview (with screen shots) click here.

Best advice is to play with the software and get a feel for how it works, then post any questions here by starting a new thread or (better) look for an existing one that addresses your question. If you start a new thread, you’ll get better and faster responses if you make the title specific to the question or issue you plan to raise. Welcome to the forum and happy burning :slight_smile: