DVD Plat.3055 Clone problem



When i try to clone i get a message that says no media in drive! I only get this with Plat. I use my mad dog with shrink and nero all the time no prob! Dual layer always works. Plat is set for DVD9. After this happems i go in my computer and to drives listed and i notice the e drive which is mad dog, it doesnt say dvd anymore just cd drive. when i restart computer it show dvd rw. what is going on with this software


Sometimes windows will loose drives in the registry. There is a free program named [B]cdgone[/B] that will fine these drives hidden under all the trash Windows leaves behind. Works for DVD or CD drives and can be found with Google. There are also upper and lower filters. This and a good registry clean & HD defrag will probable solve your problem. Installing and updating programs can corrupt the registry & fragment the HD. There are many good free maintenance program available by searching. I think maineman has a link to a good registry cleaner in his signature.



Thanks! But upon checking i realized that the dvd/cd drive was still there. It only does it when i put in a blank dvd for burning, my computer shows the cd drive bit the icon inducates the dvd in drive of which i can acesss with the properties tab so it works fine. But plat still gives me a message no media in the drive or need dual layer media for copying when dual layer is there, secondly i burning the same project with dvd encrypter and nero. So its dvd Plat that s the problem