DVD Pionner 103 not working

I’m just stuck with no DVD burner on my VAIO Computer… (Pionner DVR-A03/103)

Few weeks ago I installed the “hotfix” recommended by VAIO support page (UDF Reader QFE (Q329112) Update Utility ) http://esupport.sony.com/perl/swu-download.pl?template=&upd_id=1404&SMB=YES and after installed that my DVD just “die”

I just tried everything I could… in fact, I just re-installed all my OS (Windows XP Home Edition) and the problem still there… I can’t read any disc on my DVD (CD or DVD) The computer identify the hardware but there is no way the DVD read any disc.

At the end I’m sure the problem was the infamous"hotfix" because before I installed everything was ok.

By the way… I jus did the follow task and nothing works:

Try to uninstall the hotfix
Use the recovery tool in Windows XP
Update the firmware from Pionner web site
Uninstall and install the driver
Re-install all the OS

Please help me, the technical support from VAIO just SUCKS !!

Before I lost my DVD burner I just backup all my files in DVD discs (4,7 GB) and now there’s no way I can recover my data.

In advance thanks,


DVR-A03… a very old drive.
It is very possible that the drive has died on you.
You probably need to purchase a new DVD writer!

But it was working fine before… and ebsides that I installed a Iomega dvd burner and it was working fine, until I tried to re-install the “hotfix”, once I did that the driver stpo working too.

So you have 2 drives that don’t work in this one machine?
Does the A03 function correctly if it is installed in another machine ?

On your main system make sure to DISABLE any packet writing software and uninstall the “hotfix” in question.

Yes… two drivers stop working after Installed the “hotfix” UDF Reader QFE (Q329112)

No… I can find the way to uninstall the hotfix, I try diferent ways to do it, in ac, I tink the installation was corrupted because when I did it (the hotfix instalattion) I never receive a confirmation, and when I try to fond the hotfix in “remove a program” utility (in XP) the list didn’t show me this hotfix.

No… I can’t test the dvd in another machine (I just have one computer)

How can I be sure that my computer DISABLE any packet writing software?



Maybe it’s time for a clean format?


What you mean with a clean format?

I already re-installed my OS and format the C drive… it’s not that enought? the fact is that the problem still there…


Yes, that is a clean format if you formatted the Operating System partition and reloaded from scratch.
Did you install the “hotfix” again after the OS rebuild ?
If so, you’ll probably need to start over again and NOT install the hotfix EVER again.

If you are reformatting/recovering via from Sony rcovery disk it is most likely reinstalling your burining software. If you have already reformatted and reinstalled the hotfix, try uninstalling your writing software and see it that gives you access to your DVR-103. If after doing that you get access to your 103, you may want to install diffferent buring software. After researching your problem it seems that InCD does not play well with UDF readers…try uninstalling InCD if it is present. Those are the things I would try…

BTW, what burning software are you using? Is there an update for it?

It seems that Ahead software makes a tool to completely remove Nero and InCD,I’ve never used it but it couldn’t hurt if you are using Nero. Find it here http://ww2.nero.com/enu/Clean_Tools.html

Good luck,


Ill tell you a simple fix for it mate…

Anything inside you PC with pioneer marked on it…rip it the fuck out and bin it!

Thank you !!

Those are great options…

Let me tell you about my burning software.

I use to have CD Creator form the bundle that Sony give me… when I formated the computer I erase all my “old” programs.

Now… the trickie part is that now I DON’T HAVE ACCESS to my recovery disc (the one that includes the programs) The cd drive read almost any CD, but the recovery disc for my programs (the one tha was packed with my Sony Vaio) it’s not working… I can’t install anything, the autorun file it’s nor working and when I try to install direct from the CD I receive a error.

Now… I don’t have any bruning software because like I told you I formated my computer.

Do I try to install a burning software? Any one in particular??

Sorry for so many questions and thanks in advance.


I’m a little confused…How were you sucessful in reinstalling windows (XP?) if your 103 is not functioning? Or is it that your cd drive works and your 103 does not? If that is the case your 103 might have just died and it coincided with the install of that particular hotfix…

If you were somehow successful, I can presume you are at the point where you have a clean install, correct? and you haven’t installed that hotfix, right?..and your 103 still isn’t working?

Have you updated the drive’s firmware? The Pioneer site ( http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/pna/article/0,,2076_4273_128163990,00.html ) lists the most current firmware for your drive as 2.00.

If you insist on using Creator, is it up to date? I prefer Nero, but that is just me. The most current version is, I think…

The list goes on and on…I hope some of this helps


Ok let me explain some issues…

I have two drivers… One is my CD/DVD Burner (Pioneer 103) and the other is a regular CD drive.

I was doing a back up for all my files (in DVD) when I found a utility that I thought that my DVD could use (http://esupport.sony.com/perl/swu-download.pl?template=&upd_id=1404&SMB=YES) at that moment I already was thinking in “clean” my computer and re-install the OS (XP Home edition).

Once I installed the hotfix (UDF Reader QFE) everything went wrong… My DVD Burner (Pioneer 103) just died… I never found a way to make it works again, I just tried almost everything possible… Re-install the drivers, install the new firmware, uninstall and re-install the driver, and the last hope was to re-install all the OS… I formatted the discs (c and d) and re-install my OS. I just did that using my CD drive.

Once I re-install the OS my DVD still dead… the computer found the hardware and it didn’t show me any troubles, but the thing is that I can’t read any kind of CD or DVD, it seems like the DVD can’t read the discs.

Since then I just have de CD drive to work, but like I told you, the CD drive can’t read my application recovery CD (the one with the programs). It seems that the autorun file is corrupted or something like that.

One thing that I did was to re-install the hotfix, since no matter what the DVD driver still dead, at that point I decided to re-install the hotfix, because my guess was that I never install successfully the hotfix, so… I installed again and nothing happens… again.

That’s the point where I’m stuck… whit all my data files in DVD format and with out a DVD reader.

I’m just desperate.

Thank you for your time reading this “drama”