Dvd pioneer 106s not reading original dvd

Hi all,

I have done a search with no joy - but in case this has allready been answered elsewhere please post me the link.

Anyhoo onto the problem i have been using my 106s for about 2 years with no problems when playing original dvds. (in fact any dvd)

Recently i bought a 108 burner and have connected this to secondary ide as a slave. Since attaching this to my pc i am unable to play original dvds in my 106. When i put a dvd in to the drive it just ejects it, when i put in a copy it plays it fine.

I am not sure if this is related to the issue but i also had the problem where the dvd wouldnt work in DMA mode had to change it to PIO to get it to read anything - though this appears to be an intermittent thing.

Ensure that you have set up the master/slave jumpers correctly. You can have only one master and one slave on an IDE channel.

Yeah i have them set correctly - dvd 106s secondary master
dvdrw 108 secondary slave

primary ide has hdd on both channels

I also have a PCI IDE RAID with a removable hdd on it.

Though thanks for the reply

any other ideas?

Are you using an 80-wire IDE cable? If not, you should be. You also need to set the plugs to the right points - The blue one should be plugged to the controller, the black one to the master & the grey one to the slave.

How does it go reading CDs? What about DVD±RWs?

Im sure i have the IDE set up correctly and with the right cable though i will triple check when i get home tonight. The player has no problems with copied DVD its just original it doesnt like also has problems with files from cd - Gets errors such - this is not a valid win32 application -when i try to run setup files. Is all very strange as worked fine before i installed the dvd burner. (though when are computers not strange :d)

It’s beginning to sound like a laser issue - your drive may be about to fail!!

I dont think it likely that your drive is getting ready to fritz. it either rworks or it dont, rare is the case where it sorta works due to some mechanical buggery. 'tronic stuff faisl with no in between usually. I have two brand new DVD drives with similar "win32 " error. Both drives work in safe mode but are very slow to read a disk in normal mode and will return invalid win32 error on any file except readme files. I think Imay have slipped a 40 pin IDE cable into its guts when i was drunk cuz it was a new cable I thot it was 80 pin, well … just shows you shouldnt be sorting IDE cable when yer drunk…