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Hey Everyone,

I have looked a little bit here and there on the web for the actual pictures that are on the front (top) of the DVDs, but haven’t had any luck. I have a CD Stomper and would love to put full-color labels on my DVDs, just like the actual DVDs.

Does anyone have a website or websites that have these pictures?

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Just wanted to give a “thumbs up” for that info.
Helps me out a great deal for replacing my ruined covers.


Would not recommend you put labels on your DVD’s. They are far more sensitive than CD’s to weight imbalance, it can cause damage to your player. You can do a search on the subject and judge for yourself the potential hazards. Although, you will find some say they have no problems, I for one am not willing to gamble. I know my Liteon manual states not to put labels on, I’m sure most manufacturers state the same.
I applied a CD Stomper label which is good quality to a DVD I backed up for my nephew because he wanted the pretty pictures on it. He gets home and it continously freezes. I instruct him on how to remove the label, he does, and the DVD plays flawlessly. Granted he has a cheap player, but I would not risk putting any labeled DVD’s in mine. Use a sharpie to write on it and you can use the jacket covers from cdcovers.cc to put on a DVD case.


I have used the adhesive labels on backups for about a year and have never really had any problems (they may be on the shelf and I just don’t know it). However I have been doing quite a bit of research on these labels and have decided to quit using them. The information out there is overwhelmingly against them. I really like to do covers on DVDs, so I have been researching using a printer that prints directly onto printable disc. I think I could still use cover designs from cdcovers.cc.

I haven’t found any negative info on printing labels directly onto the disc, but would be interested in any info anyone has.



Printing directly onto disc is perfectly acceptable and should not pose any problems, it’s the paper labels that are the risk ,especially using cheap ones and not applying them perfectly centered.


What kind of printer do you recommend for printing directly to dvd.


Sorry I can’t make any recommendation regarding printers, I’ve never entertained the idea, both for cost and space reasons. I can tell you this, there are two types, ink jet and thermal. From the little reading I did do on the subject thermal is the way to go since no matter how careful you are the ink jets tend to smear.

That being said you must also consider the fact that these printers require special printable media which does cost a bit more than your standard types. There are both silver and white media surfaces for printing. Try doing a search on Google or perhaps start a thraed of your own in in the CDFreaks Media forum and see if individuals with experience can offer you some advice.


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I print directly onto my dvd’s and cd’s. I use the Epson Stylus Photo R300. It does a terrific job at this the dvd’s cd’s look as good as the originals. It sells for around $149 US . They also make the R200 which is cheaper and the exact same printer except that the R300 accepts memory cards for pc-less photo printing wth the printer. The printer comes with software called Epson Print CD which is easy to use. Don’t believe the dinks against ink jet printing, I have printed over 600discs on this printer and never once had one smear.
Check them out:


The trick is finding very good media that is printable. I prefer Verbatim White hub printable DVD+R (p/n 94812) and also Taiyo Yuden White printable DVD+R ,both 8x, available from meritline.com or several other online sellers.
You can get the same in DVD-R if you want.

example: http://www.meritline.com/verbatim-8x-dvd-r-plus-inkjet-hub-printable.html

Once I print the discs I also use a little trick I learned about here, which is to give the discs a quick spray of clear satin acrylic to seal the print and the disc look awesome!

Good Luck


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Good information and post for those considering an ink jet printer. Both medias you mention are excellent quality. Obviously you don’t have any issues with your Epson with streaking that others complain of. I would not have thought to spray a clear satin acrylic on the disk in fear of lifting the ink. If it’s working for you it should be safe for others. This process should be done very carefully as not to put too much on, and most definitely not to get any on the burned side of the disk.

P.S. Another very reputable source for quality media is rima.com.


Thanks to both of you for the info. :bigsmile:

I was thinking of the R300 anyway.


itzbinnice is absolutely right. I can only second his opinion.


Best of luck should you decide to go with the Epson. Forums are the best way to learn about products. User experience is far more reliable than a brochure, or websites advertising their own opinions and potentially weeding out any negative reviews from customers.


Thanks for the information, Everyone!

I guess I’ll skip out on the labels. :slight_smile:

The new Verbatim DVD-Rs in those fancy cases for $5.88 look really nice (like a filmstrip) anyway. You can get them at Wal-Mart. :smiley: