DVD partial rip

I want to grab just the opening 10 seconds or so from a commercial DVD.

What would be the best tool to use to do this?

I also want the clip, finally, to be an avi file…what would you recommend to do the conversion?

Rip the DVD to HD with Smartripper but select the first or second Chapter ONLY (will differ for each DVD). Just play the VOB on the HD with WinDVD to see if its the bit you want, if not select the next chapter. Once you have the right bit, use Vidomi to convert to AVI. Tutorial explaining it all is at http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=59485

Many thanks…

I have been told dvd2avi will do the same job.

Does Vidomi have any advantages over dvd3avi ?

OK…I’ve got my Chapter 1 vob file…it’'s 800Mb

The 5 second clip I want appears 20 seconds into the film.

Is there some tool to edit the vob file down to a much smaller file containing my clip?..or do I have to convert the whole 800Mb into an avi file, then load the avi into a video editing package like Pinnacle Studio 8 - which I have - then edit out the footage I don’t need ?

Yes you can use DVD2AVI on the small VOB file you now made. Use the slider at the bottom to mark out the bit you want and save AVI.

You can also use TMPGEnc. Load in the D2V file made by DVD2AVI and in Setting, set the Range you want only. Then in File?Output to File, select the Video Codec (DivX and its datarate of 1000 to 1500 depending on the quality you want) and the Audio to MP3

Does anyone know if it is technically possible to rip a chapter (ex: a music video) bit for bit and save it to a DVD R or RW to play back on a DVD player? (My DVD player will play DVD R&RW.) I have used all the software referenced in the forums, and find that the quality is excellent, but not perfect … I’m looking for a perfect copy of a chapter (ie: if I freeze the original while playing, I see no distortion of pixels … but when I play the copy, the copy has some distortion in some parts – though the distortion is less noticeable at regular play speed). I think what’s happening is that when the avi is being generated (DVD2AVI), it is not a perfect encoding of the original vob, but I’m not sure as I’m fairly new to all of this.

By the way, DVDXCopy, which I have tested in the same manner produces a perfect copy of an entire DVD, but only for the entire DVD, not for one chapter (there’s no option in the software to do this).