Dvd - overscan

I am new to creating home dvds. What I have done is made a dvd from pictures and video clips of my son. I am trying to make dvd for the holidays for our family as presents. I burned a dvd the other night and watched it on my tv and noticed some of the pictures have been cut off along the edges. My tv as well as the one viewing will be the standard non-widescreen and not a LCD if this matters.

Some pictures are more noticable then others. Is there a way to correct this? I have searched the internet but have found no help. I am currently using WinDVD Creator 2, which came with my computer.

Any help would be appreciated


Hi ck1999,

You have to consider the “size” of:
- your pictures x*y pixels
- your tv screen (depends on your tv standard - Pal, NTSC, HD)
- the “usable” area of your screen - CRT tvs don’t show the full image so even if
resize the photos to the nominal size of the screen, you risk that a small part of
will be hidden at the corener and/or screen borders;
- the software your use to produce your stuff (some take your camera pictures and
make the necessary adjustments, others “expect” you to supply the right size

The sizes for the pictures are the ones for DVD format, but this is the nominal. To get the total picture in the “visible” area they may need to be slightly smaller (if the software doesn’t make the adjustments).

You have also to consider that you can have screens as 4:3 or 16:9 and images from camera with formats of 4:3 or 3:2 (16:9 are rare and quite recent). To complicate a bit, camera 4:3 and screen 4:3 may be slightly different.
So, if that’s required by your software you have to consider both picture size and image format ratio.

Overscan is an darn obsolete thing “invented” in the TV stoneage to make some bad looking lines invisible to the normal tv viewer.
BUT, even nowadays with the latest TV tech aka. LCD and plasma, this stuff were reanimated and is used even with HDTV, just to blow a native 1920x1080 to 101% and then cut the rest down to the real resolution. It sounds really stupid, and it is…

Sorry for the Overscan hate post. :frowning: