Dvd-/+ Overburning

I sucessfully burned 4489MB onto DVd-R with Nero Express 7 don’t actually know if this is classed as an overburn maybe some one will confirm this, DVD+R disks that I use wouldn’t even start not enough room on disc error.

Nero claimed that the image I burned was to large for the disk and would it attemp to overburn, I assumed this means it overburned the disk.

+R media can burn 4482MB, -R 4489MB (roughly). The exception is when overburning +R, which will vary depending on the burner and media used how much you can overburn it. I have seen up to about 4640MB, although getting to 4600MB is more realistic for most +R media. Only a few burners support overburning ( and no you did not overburn).

You posted more or less the same question here in the BenQ forum.

See my response in that thread in this post.

No NEC drive has been able to overburn DVD+R so far.

The only DVD+R overburning drives I know of are BenQ 1640/1650/1655 (turn off SolidBurn first), and Plextor PX-712/716/755/760. The Plextor PX-755/760 drives need firmware upgrades to enable overburning AFAIK.

No drive has been reported as capable of overburning DVD-R.

Clone Dvd has this in its version update info can someone shed some light on this Extreme Extended DVD-R Media?

Version 2005 01 11
New: Support for 4.85 GB “Extreme Extended” DVD-R Media (You must specify a custom size of 4850 MB in the title selection)

Its ok I googled

[B]50 Pack Beall 4.85GB 4X EX (Extreme eXtended) DVD-R Media General Purpose DVDR Disc in Cake Box[/B]

Has anyone tried these disks?

Article about Extreme eXtended DVD-R

I haven’t tried them, but you’d probably be better off just buying a burner that overburns and then overburn decent +R media, as Beall is typically poor media. Also, 4850MB is not the accurate amount, it would be roughly 150MB extra than a normal disc, similar to the amounts that you can overburn most decent +R media. Even if you buy these, there’s no guarantee that your drive will let you burn in the extra area of these discs. I think that you’re basically allowing the drive to burn in the lead-out area with these discs.

BTW, this thread has no specific relevance to NEC burners and should have been posted in the Media Forum.

:disagree: I beg to differ, if you look at the screen shot I posted you will see that I use the Nec 4551 drive the Thread title could have been titled Overburning with Nec 4551, but lets not take it to a handbag shootout LOL

4489mb on DVD-R is no overburn.

I’ve had DVD-R with free space up to 4496mb!

Well, considering the fact that no NEC can even overburn and you did not overburn, I don’t see the relevance. Obviously you didn’t know this though as you wouldn’t have posted it to begin with, so you get a pass on this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

No drive has been reported as capable of overburning DVD-R.

Allow me to report a drive that overburns DVD-R, the OptoRite DD0401. I’ve been disappointed by my “upgrade” to my Lite-On SHW-1635S because I can’t overburn with it, and find myself using my Optorite half the time due to it. If anyone knows ANY newer drives that will overburn DVD-R please let me know, as I’m getting really annoyed with getting left in the lurch for going 50mb over standard. If anyone would like proof of the DD0401 overburning I may be persuaded to lose a disc in the interest of information.

I’m interested. Please post some scans for us. Thanks!

i’m sorry about the delay, this burner does 4x for most DVD-Rs I have. Nero reported no problems going to 4600, and I’ve never tried more than that before. I suppose I’ll try a larger value, expect another post in about a half hour…

Results going to 4700 follow. Has me really wishing Nero itself supported going over 4600. Still… :eek: :bow:

That was some cheap “Playo” media I had laying around. I’ll do one more test, this time with some better Verbatim.

Interestingly enough, the “better” Verbatim media has less capacity than my cheap Playo media.

I’m about ready to go to sleep, I’ll probably make a new post in a more proper area about this once I’m awake.

I would love to try with my DVR-107 drives again, but both RIP. :frowning:

Am I missing something here?

It may only apply to CD media…

Will have to try an over burn next week and see what happens. It shows overburn with a DVD in all drives for the DVD. I just did not snap that picture.

spock1104: Those are simulation tests. Try to do a real overburn test, for example here.

I’ve run a few burn tests and while it seems that it can’t get the full capacity that the simulation says is possible, it can still overburn. This particular test was set to 4550 and 4x to stay safe, as I got weird results with 8x. I’ll perform some more tests later on.

The media used was Staples 8X DVD-R.

Ran another test, CD-Speed stops responding at 4589MB. I’d guess that this is the limit of real overburning.