DVD Overburning - Myth I Believe!

Now, many would know that most software gives them the option to overburn dvd’s. Now, is it possible - I really doubt. I invite people with proof of successful overburns of DVD’s to post here since with the burners I have I have yet to be able to make any overburns.

The story goes like this: my only burner which is able to do overburn simulation in cdspeed reports a 4674Mb (TTG02) - BenQ DW 1640. Upon initiating a real burn -> error or hang! Other burners give write error at 4489Mb/Invalid field in CDB etc.

Now … first of all, what’s different from simulation and burn - how can it simulate that capacity yet not be able to burn it?

And has anyone reported an successful overburn? reliably successful?

For Plextor users (708, 712, 716) it’s not a myth. It’s an everyday reality. lol
Search the forum for topics concerning DVD overburning. There were a lot of them.

True that is.
And I also had SL media burnt up to 4496mb without overburning.

Some Pioneer burners can overburn DVD.

Two things that I’ve never seen a single success on (unless I missed it) in CDRINFO’s drive reviews:

  1. DVD overburning
    oops, yes, a Plextor

  2. Mount Rainier on DVD writers, either for CD-RW or DVD+/-RW

You should check these threads:

Plextor again:

Plextor PX-712A 1.07 on Verbatim DataLifePlus 16x DVD+R (MCC 004) at 12x.

Enough said!

One More!

jumps up and down - I have a nu-tech … but I’ve never used mt. ranier … the question still stands - how come my BenQ can simulate a capacity but can’t burn a disc dat has even 1MB overburn? (Does anyone really know? Is it just a difference in the commands used in the write process?) What about crossflashing the drive (BenQ 1640) to a plextor? Will that give me overburn?


You can crossflash a 1640 to a Plextor PX-740, but that’s only because a PX-740 is a rebadged 1640 (exactly the same hardware). PX-712 firmware only works on a PX-712, and PX-716 firmware only works on a PX-716. And the PX-740 isn’t capable of overburning DVDs either.

The BenQ 1640 is a very good drive (I’ve got one) but it doesn’t overburn DVDs because it just doesn’t have the necessary hardware to make a shorter lead-in/lead-out and burn in those areas. Plextors always have a few extra gizmos; one called “Gigarec” allows me to burn 925MB on a normal 700MB CDR. But they also cost twice as much (and then some) as other burners.

Mt. Ranier and all the other packet writing software is vastly overrated IMHO.

That pic does only tell us the drive should support Mount Rainier, but nothing about DVD OVERBURNING.
I thought this were the idea behind this topic…

Didn’t mean to get off topic. :disagree:

BenQ 1640 can overburn to 4.6 gig, no problem.

Yeah, but that discovery was only made about two days ago… :bigsmile:

(and I just made some too) keeps mouth shut

At least it seems overburning was planned by BenQ.

Using overburning test of CD-DVD Speed with old media less than 4x Speed comes the message : “With this media Overburning is impossible”.

With other media the test is passing by a tolerance up to 20 MB.