DVD + or - R...which is better?

Prolly a stupid question, but what is the general consensus on which plays better in most dvd players…+ or -. I use only +r and won’t play correctly in some picky standalones, wondering if i should try some quality -r media.

DVD+R with bitsetting to DVD-ROM is what I use the most. You will find opinions both ways tho.

I agree with [H]itman. There really is no better or worse when it comes to DVD’s. It’s what is the most compatible with your burner and your stand-alone dvd players. The BenQ is more + based so I would try +R media with the booktype of DVD-Rom which the BenQ does automatically.

If you are booktyping to DVD-Rom already and finding that the stand-alone in question is still being picky about the way the media plays then check to make sure that you are getting good burns through Nero CD/DVD Speed. If the burns are good then maybe trying -R media wouldn’t be a bad idea. But as you said, hurley, make sure to use quality media. I’d say Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-R’s are a safe bet to ensure the best burns on a BenQ DW1620A.

hurley1904, were the +R discs you burned bitset to DVD-ROM? If so, do like Braxas said and try some QUALITY -R like Taiyo Yuden 8X TYG02. You can get a spindle of it from www.rima.com for $26.00.

I find best results with +R bitset to DVD-ROM. If I don’t bitset, I find my old LG player takes much longer to accept the disc, and sometimes will reject them altogether.

I would say, in my experience, that when burned correctly (ie, with bitsetting) +R is more compatible. But when bitsetting is not applied, -R is more compatible.

Why is there never a simle answer?!


An old laptop dvd-rom (quite difficult & expensive to replace) reads both DVD-R and DVD+R with Booktype set to DVD-ROM. It reads the DVD+Rs much faster! So, if it is not for compatibility with an old device (DVD-Player or whatever), I would recommend DVD+R. I still use both but I have not written so many DVDs so far. As the laptop read DVD+R better, I think about moving there. Price of quality media can be a reason, too.

In “articles” (see top of cdfreaks) you can find a good article to start with containing some technical information (but well and comprehensible written) at http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/113
which may help you to decide. But as everyone here says correctly, compatibility with your other readers will be the main factor in your decision.

If you dont know about compatibility, maybe get a single DVD-R and DVD+R of a quality brand like Verbatim and write them (dont forget to set Booktype for the DVD+R) with a DVD-Video (coz players may not read anything else) and see whether all your devices can read it.

Hope it helps a little bit.