DVD + or - media? 4x, 8x



I’ve always thought that DVD-R was best for DVD Player compatibility and DVD+R was best for data storage. Now everyone is talking about DVD+R media as some DVD+R 4X media can be burnt at 8X.

Can someone give me a run down on which is better and why? Was my summary above correct?


There is no best format, it depends a lot on your own situation. What you say is not true anymore, there are loads of DVD players that can read both formats and both DVD-R and DVD+R can be used for data storage. Here are some articles that will help you understand both formats:

The DVD format war - Current standings
Why DVD+R(W) is superior to DVD-R(W)

In general I would say, use the format that works best for you. In my case all my DVD players can read both DVD+R and DVD-R so I use both.


Way more of DVD-R 4x media can now be burnt @8x :


And in addition most of the above can be written at the above speeds on the Pio 107 unlocked by :NIL> as well :slight_smile:

Bottom line is, nine times out of ten there ain’t no difference between the two in everyday use.