DVD- or DVD+ for movies?

I had a bundle of DVD+R’s and these seem to work fine for backing up movies, however I read that DVD+R’s are designed for data and DVD-R’s are designed for video.

Can anyone tell me if this is true and if it really makes a difference? :confused:


I use Dvd+Rs mostly for backing up my Dvds, booktyped to Dvd-Rom. Verbatims or Taiyo Yuden.

Odds of a particular stand alone player not supporting either format grow slimmer every day. I have one old Apex that will only read +R booktyped to -ROM, and when the ‘warranty switch’ on that box gets flipped, I’ll replace it with a $40 Phillips or some such that will also play Divxx.

Both DVD+R and DVD-R can be used for video and data interchangeably. In my opinion, DVD+R booktyped to DVD-ROM will net you the most compatibility with standalone DVD players, but as olyteddy pointed out, the odds of finding a player that will support neither DVD+R or DVD-R are very small.

I always have used dvd-r but that is just what I started with. I had a friend that started backing up his and ask me what to buy. He had used wal-mart cheap disk that were dvd+r for the two or three he had already done. I told him to order TY dvd-r thinking he would have good luck with them. He did not the burner he had for some reason would cause the dvd-r to play bad on his player. He could take one that I burned on mine and they worked. Cannot remember the brand of burner he was using but he switched to TY dvd +r and had not had any problems.

Some years ago it could cause problems what type of DVD media is used in standalone players or some consoles (PS, XBOX).

Nowdays, as it was already mentioned there is almost no difference.

Personally I prefer + media mainly for two reasons:

  1. Can be book-typed to DVD-ROM, producing the “most playable” format.
  2. Offers more choices with a DVD Recorder (menu system with preview motion picture, erasing).

DVD+R have always done better for me for they are more excepted by more dvd players.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: