DVD Optiarc AD7170A not recognized anymore

Hy everybody, I am quite a newbie in hardware but I have a big problem and want to try to resolve it with a little help from friends of the WWW. I have a DVD RW Optiarc AD7170A and it worked just fine. But I wanted to burn an Image file and installed MagicISO. I burned the CD and uninstalled MagicISO after this. I use Nero 7 Essentials for burning and since it does not support image burning I used the MagicIso. Now Nero won’t recognize the drive anymore, when I enter a blank CD or DVD in the drive it automatically ejects immediately and in addition I can not access the CD or DVD via Explorer. I checked the Device Manager and the drive is listed in there and should be working properly. Please help!

From Device Manager try removing the drive and reboot which should have Windows reinstall the drive and maybe fix the problem.


Nero Essentials supports writing ISO images. But I’d prefer ImgBurn for that (it’s btw free of charge).
Back to your main problem: Please try if the advice given in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060 will help.


I have the same Optiarc DVD and the same problem of the OP. Tried everything i can think of for no avail. My DVD reads and plays CD’s, but when i insert a DVD nothing happens and no files show up in the DVD with windows explorer. It’s like there is no DVD in the drive. When i insert a game DVD though it starts the auto installation without problems.

Made some progress here. The DVD drive recognizes and plays some DVD’s and does not recognize other. I wonder if this has something to do with some protection system…
Tried installing Microsoft’s FSX and i had no problem with the first DVD, when it asks for the second i insert it and it keeps telling me to insert disk 2. Original DVD’s, not pirated ones. Weird.

Hy everybody, thanks for the advices. I have not tried yet to remove and install again but I have tried the solution from Microsoft page and it does not work. I will try to reinstall the drive again today, hopefully it’ll work. Have a good one.

Hello again, I tried with the reinstall and it does not work. Can somebody help, what do i do know