Dvd onto hard drive then onto dvd player

Hi guys

I have a base DVD RW PLAYER, it plasy these formats


It also has a USB in port that i can plug in USB devices

I am a Stargate SG1 and a Stargate Atlantis freak and have all the editions.

Now my question is, would i be able to buy one on those 500 GB external hard drives and then use DVD shrink too shrink all my DVD’s and put them onto that external hard drive and then play them in my DVD player. It would save all the usual thing about changing dvds etc, i know it sounds a bit stupid but Im disabled so having my whole collection on a hard drive and then plugging it into that USB port would be great for me.

If that wouldnt work does anyone have any suggestions on how too do it.

Your help would really be appreciated.

Thanks trevor

Just make sure to purchase A HDD that the player recognizes (compalibity) not all will work…
Better yet IMO, would be to purchase the right Player with DVD/ Divx/xvid +external HDD ,and store movies in avi format…lots more to store…check around, google is your friend! and soon enough someone here will post with their tips… :slight_smile:

Are you going to play them on a television set or on a PC?

Yea I think we need to know the make and model number of this thing… :iagree:

“base” = NextBase… perhaps?

Not all USB ports are USB Host, which is what you’d need to attach something like a hard disk.

Thanks guys
Its a BASE DHR2080 and i want to play them from the external hard drive, through the usb port on the dvd player and then to the tv.

i PUT SOME FILES ONTO ONE OF THOSE SMALL 512 gig USB READERS and i can play AVI and MPEG and mpg, but not WMV,

So does that mean all i would need to do is convert the DVD file to an AVI file and it would 100% work.

I would put on a DVD file to the USB reader and try that but i cant find a DVD file that is under 500 meg.

Thanks again

Yes it should work, 100% ? depends on source and how you convert… try converting DVD to avi using AutoGk or Fairuse Wizard, set to 300-500MB and see if it works for you…it’s only time my friend…good luck! :slight_smile: