Dvd on a cd-r?

is it possible to burn a dvd on a regular cd r or cd rw with a dvd burner?

you cannot burn a DVD on a CD burner but you can burn a CD or CD RW on a DVD burner.

iss maybe you should read again.
No you can’t burn a dvd on a regular cd-r or cd-rw without converting it to S-VCD or VCD first.

Yes, you can. It’s called a mini-DVD, and will only play in about 1 out of a million standalone players. It’s a full DVD format (VIDEO_TS folder, with .ifo and .vob) on a CDR. You are severly limited to bitrate though, and unless it’s less than 40 minutes running time, it’s totally unwatchable because of artifacts and other noise.
Most mini-dvd’s are for PC use only, distributed as software tutorials and such, where some interactivity is needed (which you can’t get with (S)VCD usually), and video quality is maintained. Nerovision Express 2 has the option to make a mini-dvd.