DVD Not working

OK, anyone can figure this out will be my god!

I haven’t so good luck and please help me with any suggestions!!!

Story: My motherboard doesn’t want to have a dvd drive anymore. :sad:


Mtb: Intel 102GGC2
Ram: 2gb DDR2 533mhz
Sata HD
1x DVD drive in IDE 1 (Master or CS, tried both already)
1x CD drive in IDE 0 ( Master or CS, both works)

Remember, this setup have being working fine for over 2 years.

Symptoms: For the past 2 months, my computer crash (80% chance) whenever I insert a CD/DVD into the DVD drive. But it work on my other CD Drive. Finally. it start to crash 95% of the time and even inserting a cd during booting freeze the whole system.

Verified the RAM with Memtest86… PASS (Not a memory problem)
Swap DVD drive to IDE 0… FAIL (Not a cable problem)
Swap CD drive to IDE 1… Pass (Not a Controller problem)

DVD drive defective.

Now here’s the catch, I just bought a new dvd drive and the same symptoms occurs, crashing, hang on boot up etc…

Could it be another defective DVD drive?

Any feedback would be great! This is pwning me!

Probably your PSU is old and tired.

Thx, after many days of frustration… cause = bios corruption!

Ok… it did not fix… i was too quick to come to conclusion!! Help ME!!!