DVD Not Recognized

Back in January I made a DVD of Photos and Programs from my hard drive. When I put it in the other day to get a couple of photos from it the drive did not recognize it and when I look in Explorer the drive turns from dvd to cd only when this disk is inserted… If I put it in my home dvd player I can access all the photos and view them on the TV… I need to get some pics off of it for a project for my 5 year old. I am sure that it worked after I recorded it… I used nero. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have similar problems with some DVD+RWs. Yeah, the DVD drive appears to be a CD drive too. Not found out what’s going on yet, but it’s a weird problem allright. Can the drive read other discs?

See this thread.

Yep no problems with any other discs…

Same problem,that was the main reason for joining this site thought it might gave me some answers.Like everyone else dont know when it happend but a few days ago I wanted to transfer some data to dvd but when told to burn the prog said not enough room on disk,and only reads the dvd as a 650meg cd,hope someone can come up with a solution as the hd is filling up and nowhere to put it! …Mpegman :doh:

Try recovering the files with isobuster.

Isobuster did not work :frowning: I showed how much was on the disc. But was not able to recover the files???

Try one of the data recovery software’s. Badcopypro is a good one that we use all the time at my business to recover data. There are many others…

How long should it take to do a disc? I ran it for a while and fianally had to go to the third type of scan and after a couple of hours it was 0.1% done??? It still confuses me, why can I read theis in my home dvd player and not the puters??

Well I started badcopy last night at 10:30 and at 09:40 this morning it was only 0.4 percent done??? At that rate it will take a couple of weeks to finish. Anyone have any ideas???

I noticed similar thing with the “find missing files” option in isobuster. Gave up. :frowning:

Someone has to have an idea???

I can’t believe that no one has an idea!!!

As long as the recovery process is not hanging up (if it was my data), I would just let it run for a week if necessary in order to get my data back. How important is it? Data recovery is not an instant process, and is not a sure thing. Be patient…

I will have to setup a spare puter and let it run when I get another drive. Why does the dvd read just fine in my home player but not the puter? I can look at all the pics on my tv. It does not make sense to me. I wonder if anyone makes a program to emulate a home player???

OK I need help here…I took the disc to a puter at our church and it reads it just fine. Why not in mine???

Drive might be dying. Try a different drive. Use the church computer to make a copy if it’s a burner. Sometimes incompatibilities just “develop” with drives and dye-based media. Next time, backup your important stuff on at least two brands of media (and use an external flash or hard drive too if you can).


It is really strange. I used Memorex media and at the time had a Sony drive. I did not like the Sony so I took it back and got a Memorex. It read it in both of those drives just fine. I needed a couple of photos from the disc a few weeks ago and that is when the problem started. I now am using the Maddog drive and it still won’t read it??? There must be a setting somewhere that is messing things up…

No, you aren’t listening.
Some drives are better at reading certain discs (with certain errors, scratches, gouges, etc) than others. I have nine DVD-ROM drives sitting next to me. Each one has it’s strengths and weaknesses (just like writers). There’s nothing inherantly wrong with the drives that can’t read certain discs, as those discs are usually out of spec in some way… like your disc is. That’s the problem. Get the same brand of drive you tried at the church, install it in your PC and I bet all is fine.


Yes I am listening!! I have tried it in quite a few puters and it works fine. No scratches on disc. I took the dvd rom drive out of my daughters puter where the disc worked and put it in mine and all discs work except the problem one.

That’s what I was thinking. I have the same DVD drive the discs were written in, but in a different PC. The DVDs were perfectly readable on my other PC.
With no disc or another DVD, the drive is correctly recognised as a DVD-RW. When I put a problem DVD in, Windoze thinks it’s a CD drive! :rolleyes:

DVD Rs previously written in this drive / PC are fine, as are other DVDs (same media, same pack) written on other PCs.