DVD not recognized by PC

I am new to the forum but not PCs. I have a media PC instead of astand alone DVD player and my wife put in Shall we Dance. It was not even recognized. The PC said to insert disc. I put it in a different PC and tried both the rom and buner drive in that PC with the same result. I then put it in another PC with a burner and Rom drive with the same result. The last 2 PC’s have dvd shrinlk and dvd decryper on them and they couldn’t see the disk either. It’s like its not there. I put the DVD in the one stand alone player I own and it works perfect. I am baffeled. I have never had this problem before but have found some threads on this forum with the same problems but no resolutions. Not even many suggestions. I tried this DVD in 3 different burners (MSI and 2 different Sonys) and 2 different DVD rom Drives ( LiteOn & Sony). Let me make this clear…I am not trying to copy this just view it : . Please help. :confused:

Is this a pressed DVD (store bought), or a copy made by someone? Have you checked the surface of the DVD for scratches, thumbprints, etc…

Store bought and the surface looks clean.

Pressed discs are actually (believe it or not) injection molded. So they use mold release agents to get the disc to drop free from the mold.

Sometimes the agents prevent a disc from being read properly, even if you can’t see it by eye. You might try washing it with a little bit of dish soap. Sometimes that does the trick.

I cleaned it with soap and water and still no luck. I can use it in my stand alone DVD player fine but all 5 pc drives I tried it in will not even recognize it. I says insert disk. I even updated firmware on several of them with still no luck.

I had someone else try it in their stand alond DVD player and it worked for them too. Just not on a PC drive. :eek:

try uninstalling dvd drive and let windows find it again on startup.

Still won’t work. Is it possible it is some kind of encryption that they used?

Problem with that is my PC 's can’t even see it to decrypt it.

i have read that in some asian countrys they copy the disc with no lead-out as a form of copy protection.

I have once come across the same situation. I also think it is something to do with copy protection or something like that to make those disks not playable in PC DVD ROMs.Cos I also tried the disk in 5 or 6 ROMs and 2 players, both players played it without a glitch while none of the ROMs even recognized it.

Try the free trial of AnyDVD and see if that works for you