DVD not recognize data on silverline DVD-r

I have problem reading data from silverline burn disk, and also the DVD is detecting other burn disk very slowly (about 30 seconds).
My DVD is: LG H55L, and the problem started a mounth ago, it was working fine before.
I tried to replace the DVD with another NEC dvd I have and the same problem exists.

If I use the NEC dvd in other computer it works fine and detect the silverline disk.

It looks like the problem is with my PC, maybe something causing the DVD’s not to work as expected, or maybe something in the BIOS.

I also tried the LG firmware update and it doesn’t help.

Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

There are two main causes of this problem, and both can be the culprit at the same time :doh:

  1. The LG drive needs a cleaning of optical pickup (with time, dust on it can cause difficulties to recognize media).

  2. As for all low quality media, with time discs become more and more difficult to read because of a progressive degradation.

Different drives have different capability to read degraded media, and this explain why some drives can read more easily these discs compared to the LG.

My suggestion is to recover all data from these discs as soon as possible and burn again them on a quality disc like Verbatim before the disc become totaly unreadable.

Thanks for your reply,
I will backup the disk.

Do you have suggestion, how can I clean the DVD?

There are basically two ways to clean a drive:

  1. open it and clean lens
  2. using a cleaning kit available in stores

To clean a DVD disc, instead, usually some demineralized water is sufficient and then using a cotton tissue to dry the water using radial movements (avoid to clean a disc with circular movements: you can make the disc unreadable).

If there is only some dust on the disc, a can of compressed air is sufficient :slight_smile: