DVD not recognising full capacity of disk

Please can anybody help me. This problem has suddenly arisen.

My DVD drive is a TSSTCorp H552D-HP06 (hewlett Packard OEM not supported by Toshiba)

All of a sudden my DVD drive doesnt recognise the full capacity of certain disks - namely UME01 unbranded disks. i have used these disks by the hundred before without a problem.

When i insert the disk ready for burning al my burning programs , such as Nero, Ultra Iso, WinAVI etc tell me that this 4.7gb DVD-R has only a capacity of 1.38GB (which is the same as a Mini DVD Disk)

The problem does not happen when i insert a DVD-RW or another type of unbranded DVD-R disk.

As i said - i have used this particular brand of disk hundreds of time before without a problem.

could it be a software setting/firmware problem? As i know its not a hardware problem as other disks burn without a problem.


If you did hundreds of burnings, maybe your drive is already gone.

I suggest anyway to try with good quality media (a Verbatim for example) to be sure that the drive is still able to recognize correctly good discs.

Being a low quality disc, it’s also possible that you got a “bad” batch of media. Basically, it’s possible that you got a bad batch of a bad media.

thanks for the prompt response. I have used Disks from this batch already and they worked fine. As is said the programs recognise the disks, but only at 1.38gb capacity.

i am at a loss, but its probably the disks as they are only a supermarket unbranded viarity. guess il get some new ones tomorrow and trash these … unless anybody else has any ideas.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

To be sure that is not a media issue, can you try one of these discs on a different drive? Maybe you can ask to a friend.

good idea - never thought of that - il try them on my wifes laptop and see what happens. watch this space.


just a quick question - do you know of a link for a firmware download for the drive. TSSCorp H552D HP06 i have tried the homepage for TS and they dont support it as its an OEM for HP. tried there too, but they dont recognise the drive (in the sites search engine). Looks like ive been sold a duffer!

just thought that a firmware upgrade might solve the disk problem.

Try to search here


And that is correct, only HP has to support it.
BTW, I would try better media.

took your advice and got some branded Panasonic Media and they work just fine. Must have been a bad batch of disks i got.

thanks for all your help