Dvd not reading dvdr's

since i formated my laptop infinity intel celeron 1300 winxp sp2 i cant copy or play dvdr’s i’m not too familiar with pc’s so bare with me my dvd drive says its a SM-HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GMA-4 with firmware OL33 what ever that means !! it was working fine untill i formated it, it plays and copy’s cdr’s and it plays normal dvd’s that i bought. whenever i put a dvdr in that i copied before the drive just searches for a disk and then says that there is nothing in the drive i have tried it with several different dvd’r and its allways the same result… nothing in drive.nero info tool says that i have all the right ingredients to burn a dvd . if any one has had the same problem please let me know what u did, or if you need more info about my system let me know what u need and i will try and find it please help

Mh, your main goal is to watch dvd movies?
What dvd player software is installed then? PowerDVD maybe?

To be able to copy DVD content you need a proper burning app. Is suchan app installed on your system?

yes i use nero version 7 premium and windvd creator and to play dvd’s i use divx, windows media player and windvd they all work with retail dvd’s but not with the dvdr’s that i copied before the problem occured now the drive fails to recognise that there is a dvdr in the drive!

Then you should test the drive with a(nother) new OS installation.

i tried that and it didnt work i dont know what to do now

i think my problem is also the same. but i didn’t reinstall system, it just stopped reading! sounds weird but it is the case. i mean takes no less than 5 mins to read a dvd-r burned in nero sometimes while sometimes it never reads. so confused!!

if you find out how to fix it post your answer here will ya its like a steering wheel in ma pants its driving me nuts :slight_smile: