DVD Not Playing

I have been using WinAvi Converter v7.6 to make my DVD’s from AVI files. Over the past few days though after burning the DVD’s are not playing either on my stand alone DVD player or on my PC. When i put the burnt DVD into my pc it comes up saying that there is nothing on the DVD at all. I haven’t done anything different than what i usually do and all my other DVD’s that I have made from AVI files have turned out fine and play on both my PC and DVD player. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any help would be great!!!

You might get more response in a more appropriate forum. I did not see a question related to AnyDVD. Is there one?

sorry - new to this, where do you suggest i post my thread?

welcome ot the forum. bilbo is right as this is the forum pertaining to the anydvd software program. I personally do not have the knowledge to help you with your problem, but i would recommend to avoid cross posting that you PM a mod and have them move this thread where they deem appropriate rather than re-posting it.

if you ever have any questions about slysoft’s anydvd this forum is the place to be though :slight_smile:

Are you running AnyDVD?

I have not been using the newer versions of AnyDVD much, but previous versions would hang the drive if a DVD without protection was put into the drive.

i’ve never experienced this at all and I often re-rip discs that have already been stripped of copy protection…

It’s happened to me everytime (before, haven’t tried in the last 6-10 months). I’ve brought this up before and no one else says anything, so maybe it’s drive specific or something. I don’t know.

It’s something very simple to test out, so why not?